English Errors: ... made in Italy (English Edition) di Jacqueline Melvin

English Errors: ... made in Italy (English Edition)

Titolo del libri: English Errors: ... made in Italy (English Edition)

Autore: Jacqueline Melvin

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Jacqueline Melvin con English Errors: ... made in Italy (English Edition)

English Errors ... made in Italy will enable you to identify and discover the origin of over 200 English errors made by Italian speakers of English. "English Grammar Test & Tense Revision booklet" (on sale separately) is included in the final section of the book. 'Test your Tenses' with answers, along with an in - depth tense review summary for quick reference.
There is a test your errors section at the beginning of the book with the most frequent errors made by Italian learners of English. 
First of all, why do errors occur?
Interference from the learner's native language - in this case Italian
Insufficient knowledge of the target language - in this case English
Which errors have the highest frequency?
The incorrect use and omission of the definite article "the" and the indefinite articles "a" and "an". When learning English these are the grammatical parts which prove to be the most difficult. Incorrect use impedes proficiency development.
Pattern assimilation from Italian to English is also a major obstruction to accuracy in English.
There is also a high occurrence of the incorrect use and omission of prepositions and auxiliary verbs.
Errors with the wrong verb collocation such as "fare una fotografia" being translated as "make a photo" as opposed to "take a photograph". These errors lead to misunderstandings as "make a photograph" would imply "create" with one's own hands. Collocations play an important role in the English language. Many students lack the ability to form the correct verb + noun collocational sets therefore jeopardizing English accuracy. The book offers a section on the most common verb + noun expressions used in daily speech and writing and comes complete with exercises to reinforce their use.
High frequency errors also include the use of double subjects as in - "my sister she works in an office."
The worst possible error when speaking or writing English is when the subject and verb are in disagreement as in the case of "my brother work in London" - as opposed to "my brother works in London". This error is deemed 'unforgivable' and is extremely painful to the English ear.
Other errors include the use of the wrong tenses - "I have phoned him yesterday" as opposed to "I phoned him yesterday." This is a common error due to mother tongue interference - it's a direct translation from Italian.
Are you continuing to say "enough big" instead of "big enough", or "too much expensive" instead of "too expensive"? If so then this book can clarify why and put an end to the many doubts you may have.
There is also an extremely high error occurrence with the use or (overuse) of "will" when Italian learners tend to overuse it when referring to the future. This, and much more, is also dealt with in "English Errors ... made in Italy".
Jacqueline Melvin has been dealing with "error correction" for years with her Italian students. Most of the time the same mistakes are repeated over and over again due to the fact that the student has been saying the wrong thing for so long that it has now begun so sound right; that is why It is better to nip the error in the bud right from the word go.

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