150 English Prepositions (English Edition) di Nina Dobrynina

150 English Prepositions (English Edition)

Titolo del libri: 150 English Prepositions (English Edition)

Autore: Nina Dobrynina

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Nina Dobrynina con 150 English Prepositions (English Edition)

151 prepositions with transcription and all meanings, 50 illustrations, 200 standard expressions, 300 constructions, 150 phrasal verbs, 85 exercises, 150 control questions and over 900 examples. The guide is addressed to all those who begin or continue studying English. All the prepositions and their meanings were checked in several dictionaries.
Part 1. Prepositions in the alphabetical order
Part 2. Groups of prepositions
Chapter 2.1. Prepositions of place and movement (illustrated)
Chapter 2.2. Prepositions of movement and action (illustrated)
Chapter 2.3. Prepositions of time (illustrated)
Chapter 2.4. Prepositions of means,
Chapter 2.5. Prepositions of reason, consequence
Chapter 2.6. Prepositions of support, concession, reference, exception
Part 3. Constructions
Chapter 3.1. Preposition+noun
Chapert 3.2. Preposition+gerund
Chapter 3.3. Noun+preposition
Chapter 3.4. Adjective/participle+preposition
Chapter 3.5. Verb+preposition
Chapter 3.6. Verbs without prepositions
Part 4. Idioms and expressions
Part 5. Phrasal verbs
Part 6. Exercises (illustrated)
Part 7. Revision tests with keys
Full list of prepositions
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